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Windows and doors are our gateway to nature and our surroundings and therefore a critical part of our home’s architecture, design and even livability. Every home is unique and so should be the windows and doors that define its aesthetics. At Khandroo Designs, you can choose among a wide variety of ornament glasses, window & door handles and accessories to truly make it yours!

Design, however, isn’t everything. Functionality and performance also play a huge role in determining if we feel secure or even can live, work and sleep in comfort and privacy. That is why we are offering options such as security grade shutters, safety glass, insect screens and even soundproofing up to 45 DB to make sure that your home fulfills your every need! Once we have together picked the right window material, we will help you to determine the right options and accessories to make your home as safe, cool and silent as you desire it to be!