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From Vienna, Austria to the US Westcoast. Our Story.

At Khandroo Designs, we believe that every design and build should be unique and sustainable. Let me ask you this? How often do you find yourself driving down a street feeling like you are trapped in a time loop because your surroundings seem to be repeating themselves constantly? Cookie-Cutter homes as bland as they might be, are unfortunately a staple of Southern California’s building landscape due to cost and time savings they give the builders working on them.

Our mission is to help anyone looking to give their home – regardless of its current stage – the unique architectural design and feel it deserves while reducing its environmental impact to a minimum. We will sit down with you and listen to the vision you have in mind and work on a viable strategy to turn it into a reality. In the end your home is a place you should be able to relax and feel safe in, and once you do, our mission is accomplished!

Katja Khandroo

Katja grew up in the inner city of Vienna, Austria with a strong passion and  appreciation for all things architecture and design. With family ties in Los Angeles, California Katja moved to the City of Angels after graduating from high-school in 2010 to pursue her dream of becoming a Building & Interior Designer on California’s Westcoast. While studying Interior Design at California State University Long Beach, Katja spent the time working for Inland Engineering, a locally renowned Architect and Structural Engineer gaining valuable hands-on experience. While building her own portfolio of clients, Katja continued to work at Inland Engineering up until 2018. In 2018, Katja officially founded “Khandroo Designs” and has been servicing satisfied clients ever since.

Katja is in charge of all things architecture, engineering and design at Khandroo Designs and can be reached at info@khandroodesigns.com

Among her latest projects are custom-built luxury estates in San Clemente, CA and Yorba Linda, CA.


BA in Design, CSULB

Arian Magyar Khandroo

Arian also grew up in Vienna, Austria with a strong fascination for entrepreneurship and product management. A strong passion for American innovation and sales practises, led to a semester abroad in Los Angeles, where he met Katja. After completing his Bachelor in Product Management while working in construction for 3 years, Arian went to pursue his  MBA degree in Entrepreneurship at CSUSB. After the completion of his graduate degree, Arian entered the world of Real Estate in 2017, before joining Khandroo Designs full-time in 2020 to establish the Window & Door Sales section of the business.

Arian handles all things Window & Door Sales at Khandroo Designs and can be reached at info@khandroodesigns.com


BA, in Product Management, University of applied Science, FH WKO Vienna

MBA in Entrepreneurship, CSUSB